The Flight of The Slacker

Have you ever been so tired, down, and overwhelmed that you said "I would like to get away from it all?" Gordy Blanchard was a lovable slacker who just wanted to play golf, go fishing, and coach golf at Bouvier High school. Unfortunately, this wasn't a path that was desirable by his wife and father. Gordy was thrust into the position of chief financial officer and assistant superintendent of the Bouvier School District and it was a failure. The turning point of his failed tenure was when Gordy faced the realization that the only way to remain alive and to possibly save the Bouvier School District was to fake his own death. The Flight of the Slacker takes you through Gordy Blanchard's decision to fake his own death and why it was so important for him to flee his hometown of Bouvier, Missouri.

The Flight of the Slacker is the latest work by Jon Horner. Horner’s previously published novels, The Rev of Bouvier and The Deadly News, have become popular with fan's of his novels which center around the scandalous fictional town of Bouvier, Missouri. Jon Horner is a novelist, motivational speaker, community leader, and successful community bank president. He lives in Cassville, Missouri, with his wife Darla and their children, Chase and Madison. To inquire about Jon's motivational and leadership speaking opportunities, please contact him at

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The Deadly News  
Mitch McMasters' life appears to be ideal to those living in the quaint town of Bouvier, Missouri. As the publisher and owner of the county's most prominent newspaper, McMasters has the power and the perceived wealth to open any door to his liking. Combined with a beautiful family and a leisure filled lifestyle, Mitch McMasters appears to be living the dream. The dream life soon becomes a living nightmare when authorities in Bouvier begin to investigate a tragic car wreck, which took the life of Haley Fulz. At the time of her death Haley Fulz was seventeen-years-old, the longtime girlfriend of McMasters' son, and mysteriously pregnant. The Deadly News takes you through McMasters whirlwind journey from a life filled with arrogance and excessive pride to one paralyzed by a state of scared desperation. It also demonstrates how an investigation of a basic car wreck inexplicably ventures into areas law authorities never dreamed existed and ends with a shocking result in their journey for the truth."

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 The Rev of Bouvier  

Set in the fictional town of Bouvier, Missouri, a small community located in the Ozarks of southwest Missouri, the novel The Rev of Bouvier captures the moral dilemmas facing the Reverend Durwood Hardy. The Reverend Durwood Hardy is a man who appears to be practically perfect to his adoring church and community. But, Reverend Hardy has a past that is less than perfect. When his past sins come back to haunt him he faces the test of his life. Will he live his faith and, in doing so, potentially destroy his family, his career, and his glorious standing in his community? Or will he take the expedient route to cover up his past misdeeds? The Rev of Bouvier takes you through Durwood Hardy’s journey and demonstrates the power of our actions through their unintended consequences. Plus, it reveals how one person can impact the lives of people in so many unexpected and unintended ways.

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Chad McMasters was terribly conflicted. On the one hand, he had the job of a lifetime serving as the press secretary for a congressman whose political rise was nearly meteoric. On the other hand, there was just something off about his boss that raised a number of red flags for Chad. Add to this the fact that Chad's best friend had a new identity as Gordon Blansford and Gordon's wife Emerald had real fears that both men's involvement with the congressman may jeopardize her husband's new-found freedom.

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Gracie’s Giftability is a collaboration by Madison Horner and Jon Horner.

Gracie's Giftability is a fun and caring book about a dog with a disability, which gives wonderful insights into acceptance and love.
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