The Deadly News – by Jon Horner

Mitch McMasters’ life appears to be ideal to those living in the quaint town of Bouvier, Missouri. As the publisher and owner of the county’s
most prominent newspaper, McMasters has the power and the perceived wealth to open any door to his liking. Combined with a beautiful family and a leisure filled lifestyle, Mitch McMasters appears to be living the dream.

The dream life soon becomes a living nightmare when authorities in Bouvier begin to investigate a tragic car wreck, which took the life of Haley Fulz. At the time of her death Haley Fulz was seventeen years old, the long-time girlfriend of McMasters’ son, and mysteriously pregnant.

The Deadly News takes you through McMasters whirlwind journey from a life filled with arrogance and excessive pride to one paralyzed by a state of scared desperation. It also demonstrates how an investigation of a basic car wreck inexplicably ventures into areas law authorities never dreamed existed and ends with a shocking result in their journey for the truth.

The Deadly News is the latest work by Jon Horner. Horner’s previously published novel, The Rev of Bouvier, was placed into print in January 2008. Jon Horner lives in Cassville, Missouri, with his wife Darla and their children, Chase and Madison.


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