The Flight of The Slacker – by Jon Horner

Save you ever been so tired, down, and overwhelmed that you said "I would like to get away from it all?" Gordy Blanchard was a lovable slacker who just wanted to play golf, go fishing, and coach golf at Bouvier High school. Unfortunately, this wasn't a path that was desirable by his wife and father. Gordy was thrust into the position of chief financial officer and assistant superintendent of the Bouvier School District and it was a failure. The turning point of his failed tenure was when Gordy faced the realization that the only way to remain alive and to possibly save the Bouvier School District was to fake his own death. The Flight of the Slacker takes you through Gordy Blanchard's decision to fake his own death and why it was so important for him to flee his hometown of Bouvier, Missouri.



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